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StaffUp Staffing Solutions — one of the top National staffing companies, is committed to providing the right opportunities to every talented individual. We are the pioneers in recruiting and focus on building thoughtful relationships. Engaging with every employer and job seeker helps us understand their requirements better. Our recruitment services cater to numerous industries to create new possibilities for everyone. 


Our recruiters have over 20 years of experience in fulfilling permanent and temporary staffing needs. Our integrated staffing agency works relentlessly to meet your expectations in every form through good pay, flexible shifts, and a space to grow.

The cost of hiring temp-to-hire workers is often less expensive than the cost of hiring permanent employees with benefits. Save on payroll administration and fringe benefits costs.

Our direct hire staffing agency placement services are like an extension of your team, ready to discover the best matches for you in record time. Get added expert recruitment resources, whenever (and whoever) you’re ready to hire.s

We help in recruiting, onboarding, retaining, and scheduling temporary workforces in high volumes. Through our specialization in workforce management solutions, we aim to effectively organize workers in their respective jobs.

Hiring seasonal workers is essential for employers in need of extra talent during the holiday season. If your organization depends on seasonal hiring to augment your workforce, it is vital to efficiently source, recruit, and onboard your seasonal hires to ensure you are staffed during Peak Season.

Our Services

Warehouse And General Labor

Warehouse And General Labor

Count on us to recruit the most efficient warehouse task force and general labor. We help businesses and CNC machine operators find each other with our warehouse staffing services. We have talented professionals to fill temporary and permanent positions in your organization. Get excellent staffing services and hire top professionals to complete tasks with utmost safety and security. We facilitate exceptional CNC machinists, machine operators, general labor, and warehouse workers with a workspace that treats every employee with equal respect and rewards them with good income.

Skills Trades

Work with the top talent in the industry for peak work performance. Through our network of qualified professionals, we acquire skilled individuals with on-the-job experience and offer the right job opportunities. Our goal is to optimize productivity in every workplace by assigning dependable employees to businesses. We provide recruitment solutions for all — regardless of the time duration or volume needed. Get experienced skilled trades staffing and maintenance technicians to serve all your business needs and requirements with complete professionalism.

Transport and Logistics

Transport and Logistics

Go places with your business — hire an impressive team of transport and logistics. Our driver staffing services remain unmatched, as we provide reliable staff for transportation and logistical tasks. Recruiting commercial drivers to handle all dispatch and shipping is our expertise. Get assistance in finding good driver staffing to increase productivity and address work challenges. Truck driver’s jobs are available for small and large companies. Hire qualified candidates for truck driver staffing to expand your business.

Professional and Clerical

Upscale your business venture with a strong administrative office. Hire professional and clerical staff from us. We will support you in recruiting qualified candidates to fill managerial and clerical positions. Our extensive screening and sourcing process guarantees to assign extraordinary talent to thrive in your company culture. Temporary and full-time opportunities are available for job seekers. We take time to understand your company’s needs and recruit based on your requirements. Grow your workforce with suitable recruitment.